Asian Games 2023 India won Gold Meda in equestrian sports

Anush Agarwalla (Etro), Hriday Vipul Chheda (ChemXPro Emerald), Divyakriti Singh (Adrenalin Firfod), and Sudipti Hajela (Chinski).

Equistan is a new equestrian sport that combines elements of dressage and jumping.

It is designed to be more accessible to riders of all levels, and it is also a more spectator-friendly sport than traditional equestrian events

In equistan, riders compete on a course of obstacles that are designed to test their horse's athleticism and obedience.

The course includes both dressage and jumping elements, and riders are scored on their accuracy and style.

Equistan is a fun and challenging sport for both riders and horses.

Equistan competitions are typically divided into different classes based on the rider's skill level and the horse's age and experience.

Riders are scored on their accuracy and style as they complete the course.